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Benefits Of Our Treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

This is preformed on a futon mattress and involves joint manipulation, stretches and accupressure. It is designed to relieve aches, stress, improve lymph drainage and improve general circulation.

Traditional Thai Hot Oil Massage

This is a hot oil massage with deep kneading , stretching and flowing strokes involving the hands as well as elbows designed to relieve aches and stress.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

This uses essential oils and holistic massage movements to help relieve stress and improve general wellbeing.

Swedish Hot Oil Massage

This is a hot oil massage with deep kneading and flowing strokes designed to relieve aches and stress. It helps to relax the body and mind to improve sleep.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

This is a vigorous massage designed to help injuries and pain caused by accident or bad posture.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Based on the belief that areas of the feet represent organs and glands in your body, the foot massage can help to re-balance your energy flows and reduce stress.

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